Candy Chat 9

BP Bonus – Candy Chat #9

Candy Chat is back for an after-holidays episode! Blurry Photos is nice enough to host Betty and Tabitha’s show on sugar and treatise on treats. Owing to an unfortunate oversight on the way home from Pigglydog, the ladies are surprised by a very fortunate cache of foreign flavors. From England and France to Italy and […]

BP Supplement 6

BP Supplement 6

Photo-ho, Merry Mailmas! The boys catch up on some mail and read some listener submitted tales of terror including a Stecco original in this supplemental. Blurry Photos wish you happy holidays and hope this tides you over as you wait for 100 to drop. Don’t forget to rate/review us on iTunes and like us on […]

BullStone 4: An Hour With Your Ex

Blurry Photos welcome Mel Evans and Mark Colomb from An Hour With Your Ex for the 4th installment of BullStone! A Chicago-based podcast that focuses on deconstructing film/TV, books, and other works from pop culture, An Hour With Your Ex has been a friend of Blurry Photos since BP’s early days. Mel and Mark stop […]