Ireland is our faevorite!

Grab your Guinness and get ready for a wild St. Paddy’s ride into the world of Faeries! The boys of Blurry Photos are back and kicking off Season 3 with sloppy silliness. Celebrating St Patrick’s Day with liquor and learnin’, Flora and Stecco drunkenly delve into the world of Fae Folk and Irish myths. You may think Faeries are cutesy-wootsy little things ready to sprinkle dust on you and dance and giggle. You’d be wrong. The boys discuss origins, stories, types, and why the creatures are best avoided at all costs, along with doing their best* to keep focused. Pour a shot, put some salt in your pocket, and enjoy the first episode of Season 3! Slainte! (A Good Reference, Good Tips, Good Interview)

With music by Kevin MacLeod

*not best at all.


Episode 71: Faeries