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Recent Episodes

Ep 201: Colin Schneider, Cryptid Predation

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Flora welcomes the Crypto-kid, Colin Schneider, in a fun and fascinating interview! One of the youngest cryptid researchers out there today, Colin Schneider already has impressive credentials and joins to discuss cryptid attacks on livestock. He shares his copious amount … Read More

Ep 200: The Sphinx part 2

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The second half of the 200th episode is nigh and dives deep into the theories of how the Sphinx came to be. Flora and Stecco juggle some rather outlandish origin theories for how the Sphinx was built and who built … Read More

Ep 200: The Sphinx part 1

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The double hildo is upon us, and the Davids celebrate with a massive 2-part episode on the Sphinx! Buried in equal parts sand and questions, the Sphinx is a huge ancient monument in Egypt with a history as obscure as … Read More

Ep 199: Ghost Stories 6

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Blurry Photober comes to a close with another edition of ghost stories! A vampire hermit, a phone that won’t stop ringing, a burning church, and a waltzing corpse are just some of the ghost stories crawling out of this open … Read More