Highgate Cemetery

Episode 278: Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery
Grave concerns
Blurry Photober is late this year, but David is back with an episode all about Highgate Cemetery! An incredible feat of gothic greatness, Highgate Cemetery has an interesting history and hauntings to boot. David had the fortune to take a tour of the Grade I historic location, and also interviewed the tour guide, John Waite. John and David go over the history of the cemetery, including its inception, how it fell to disrepair, and how it was revived. David then gets into the history of the hauntings which are said to happen. Mysterious top-hatted figures, forlorn spectres, and rumors of vampires have plagued the boneyard for decades. David discusses these stories as well as the infamous occultist feud between David Farrant and Sean Manchester. Take a history-heavy tour of a hauntingly beautiful location in this episode of Blurry Photos!


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Danse Macabre, Lightless Dawn, Ossuary 5 – Rest, Phantasm, Zombie Hoodoo – Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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