Christmas Monsters

Ep 172: Christmas Monsters

Christmas Monsters
Christmas comes early… to beat you.

It’s cold out. The tree is up. The stockings are hung. A fire is roaring. Time to cower in fear of all the Christmas monsters out to deliver swift justice once again! From St. Nick’s police force to giant Icelandic cats, the start of winter heralds a harrowing horde of Christmas monsters. You’ll be surprised at how many thugs St. Nicholas rolls with, including Knecht Ruprecht and Pere Fouettard. Been naughty this year? Expect a beating, or a straight up getting eaten by Belsnickel or Gryla. Watch your spoons, bowls, doors, and sheep when the Yule Lads come calling. And hope you didn’t want your insides; Perchta has her eye on them. Flora and Stecco have a rowdy good time looking at European folklore in this silly holiday episode of Blurry Photos! (Yule Lads Galore, A Monster List, A List of Monsters)


Waltz of the Carnies” “Severe Tire Damage” “Acid Jazz” “Danse Macabre” arranged by Kevin MacLeod,
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Episode 172: Christmas Monsters