Monster Fuzz Halloween Chat

BP Bonus: Halloween Chat with Monster Fuzz Podcast

Monster Fuzz Halloween Chat
Had a good craic talking Halloween topics!

EXPLICIT Language warning! Lots of F-bombs in this one. The boys of Monster Fuzz Podcast are back! David, Rob, and Eamonn discuss stories and topics of Halloween, including favorite films, costumes, and near-deadly experiences. Rob and Eamonn bring favorite films and TV shows to talk about, while David tries to pick a favorite. The boys also discuss scary life moments and costumes. Flora shares a couple of harrowing experiences from his childhood as well as his most embarrassing costume choice ever. It’s a fun, light-hearted and relaxed conversation between Irishmen (well, one quarter Irish for Flora)! Make sure to give them some love wherever you listen to Blurry Photos!

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