Dogman Tales part 2

Ep 220: Dogman Tales part 2

Dogman Tales part 2
Far-fetched or not, this might give you paws.

More encounters and more food for thought in part two of Dogman Tales! Creepy canids in Wisconsin plus first-hand accounts along with explanations and thoughtful commentary in this second Dogman Tales episode. Flora discusses the Beast of Bray Road and other accounts reported by Linda Godfrey. A couple calls from Dogman witnesses are played, courtesy of Derek Hayes from Monsters Among Us. A thought-provoking theory by the Crypto-kid, Colin Schneider, is examined. And a rundown of explanations of Dogman phenomena is discussed. If not some real animal, just what could they be? David has ideas and some critical thinking of the other theories as the intro to Dogman phenomena is wrapped up in this episode of Blurry Photos!


Myst on the Moor, Crypto, Firesong, Morgana RidesNoise Attack, Satiate, The Dread, The Snow Queen, Night of Chaos, Danse Macabre – Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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