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  • Ep 220: Dogman Tales part 2

    Ep 220: Dogman Tales part 2

    More encounters and more food for thought in part two of Dogman Tales! Creepy canids in Wisconsin plus first-hand accounts along with explanations and thoughtful commentary in this second Dogman Tales episode. Flora discusses the Beast of Bray Road and other accounts reported by Linda Godfrey. A couple calls from Dogman witnesses are played, courtesy…

  • Ep 220: Dogman Tales part 1

    Ep 220: Dogman Tales part 1

    After an interrupted Photober, Flora is back at it with the first part of a double feature on Dogman Tales! With stories of upright canids that act eerily intelligent, dogman tales have poured into the world of cryptozoology since the early 90’s. While more and more reports are shared than ever before, stories of these…