Dogman Tales part 1

Ep 220: Dogman Tales part 1

Dogman Tales part 1
Does that man look a little Husky to you? Fur real.

After an interrupted Photober, Flora is back at it with the first part of a double feature on Dogman Tales! With stories of upright canids that act eerily intelligent, dogman tales have poured into the world of cryptozoology since the early 90’s. While more and more reports are shared than ever before, stories of these strange, dog-headed bipeds date back much further than you might expect. David breaks down dogmen with a basic description and short history of this type of creature. Dogs feature heavily in the folkore of many cultures and the connection between them and crossroads lore is also discussed. Some encounters are covered, including one of the most famous dogman-related events that helped spark the sharing of current phenomena. Stay tuned for the next part, which will cover even more encounters and explanations!


Myst on the Moor, Aftermath, Awkward Meeting, Hidden TruthLong Note 2, Night of Chaos, Temple of the Manes – Kevin MacLeod (
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