Rendlesham Forest Incident

Ep 158: The Rendlesham Forest Incident

Rendlesham Forest Incident
A close encounter, or a real Rendle-Sham?

Fire up the ‘ole starlight scope and grab a torch or two, the Davids are dragging you into the night to experience the Rendlesham Forest Incident. One of the more famous possible close encounters of our time, the Rendlesham Forest Incident was a UFO event witnessed by multiple US Airmen in 1980. With several written statements, plaster casts, and even a live tape recording, this incident is perhaps one of humanity’s best-documented encounter with extra-terrestrials. But do the facts coincide with the stories? Was there really a craft encountered in the dark woods of eastern England, and was there a secret message downloaded into one witness’ mind when he touched said craft? The boys of Blurry Photos discuss the event, including reviewing evidence, the taped recording, and what might not make sense when questioned. Strap in for a fun episode, and please excuse the audio glitch! (The Ridpath Site, A Dedicated Site, Recent News)


Ouroboros” by Kevin MacLeod,
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Episode 158: The Rendlesham Forest Incident