Ep 157: Numerology

How do I debunk thee? Let me count the ways…

Get the abacus ready and stretch those counting fingers, David and Dave are talking numerology in this episode! A new age system of divination that supposedly has roots as far back as ancient Babylon, numerology is said to hold esoteric secrets in everyday numbers. Flora and Stecco dive into the origins of this allegedly sacred art, including the different systems that have been created. Pythagoras is always linked intimately to it, but what did he really contribute? Do our names and birth dates hold secrets to our personalities and potential? Or is it all just a bunch of woo made up to sell books and readings to suckers? Blurry Photos take a hard look at it and leave you with an episode you can count on! (A Summary, A Skeptical Look, Study 1, Study 2)


The Curtain Rises” by Kevin MacLeod,
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Episode 157: Numerology