Tag: Esoteric

  • Ep 231: John Dee part 1

    Ep 231: John Dee part 1

    Flora is back with the beginning of a mega episode all about John Dee! Conjurer, magus, sorcerer, astrologer – these are but a few things the 16th century polymath John Dee was called. History knows him as a smart man who chose an occult path. He cast horoscopes. Talked with angels. Practiced alchemy. Continually searched…

  • Ep 182: Gnosticism

    Ep 182: Gnosticism

    Flora and Stecco bust open the jar of religious history as they discuss Gnosticism! An early sect of Christianity, Gnosticism was constantly controversial with its focus on secret knowledge and salvation from within. It grew and evolved for centuries before being snuffed out by orthodox Christianity, but modern findings have shed new light on just…

  • Ep 157: Numerology

    Ep 157: Numerology

    Get the abacus ready and stretch those counting fingers, David and Dave are talking numerology in this episode! A new age system of divination that supposedly has roots as far back as ancient Babylon, numerology is said to hold esoteric secrets in everyday numbers. Flora and Stecco dive into the origins of this allegedly sacred art,…