La Llorona
Does anyone have a tissue?

Saddle up, greenhorns, it’s time for a Blurry Photos narrative on La Llorona! A legend of Mexican folklore, La Llorona is the story of the ghost of a regretful woman searching for her children whom she killed in jealous rage. David and Dave don their storytellin’ hats and weave an informational narrative of the cursed girl. Along the way you’ll hear possible origins of the story, Aztec folklore, different versions of the tale, and even some European legends that have suspiciously similar characteristics. Make sure those six-shooters are clean and loaded and the horses are fed and watered, this one might leave you parched and lookin’ for more! Or at least lookin’ for a lady… (Mexican Origins, A Summary, Details on the Legend)

Special thanks to Lucia Bonifazi, Nathan Cotter, and Annie Rijks for music and voice acting!


Episode 156: La Llorona


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