Angkor Wat
This shouldn’t Angkor too many people.

Grab a handkerchief for the sweat and watch your step for snakes, Blurry Photos are taking you to the jungle and Angkor Wat! The largest religious complex in the world, Angkor Wat is a marvel of engineering and architecture in the Cambodian jungle but is often overlooked in history books. The Davids hack their way into the history of the region, including who built it and why, and how it has survived hundreds if years in a very unforgiving environment. Inscriptions and accounts tell us the Khmer people built it, but some luminaries beg to differ. Could it be designed by an otherworldly hand? The boys discuss these theories and much more in this hot, soupy episode of the podcast! (UNESCO Site, Summary, Updates)


Whiskey on the Mississippi” “Matt’s Blues” “Cambodian Odyssey” “Fork and Spoon” by Kevin MacLeod,
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Episode 155: Angkor Wat