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  • Ep 158: The Rendlesham Forest Incident

    Ep 158: The Rendlesham Forest Incident

    Fire up the ‘ole starlight scope and grab a torch or two, the Davids are dragging you into the night to experience the Rendlesham Forest Incident. One of the more famous possible close encounters of our time, the Rendlesham Forest Incident was a UFO event witnessed by multiple US Airmen in 1980. With several written statements,…

  • Episode 51: Gremlins

    Episode 51: Gremlins

    Pretty ruddy unlikely. Unexplained mechanical trouble got you down? Got less fuel than you thought you had? Ignore some sage advice from an old Chinese man? You’ve probably got yourself a gremlin. Flora and Stecco cross their fingers and hope this podcast uploads without any kinks after discussing the troublesome and frustrating fae folk, gremlins.…