BullStone 10: Blastropodcast

BullStone 10: Blastropodcast, October 2015

BullStone 10: Blastropodcast
Gettin’ Strange with Blastropodcast, Oct. 2015

Blurry Photos welcome Mark Soloff back to BullStone for some weird news and silly conversation! Flora and Stecco are gettin’ strange with Blastropodcast’s Mark Soloff, discussing weird news from the month of October. Living dolls, dyson spheres, DARPA and disclosure are all on the table this month. How much would a person be willing to spend to look like a Barbie? Will robotic bees spell the end of humanity? Are greys becoming peeping toms with gaseous eyes? How many tangents can these fools go on in one episode? Find out on this very episode, and make sure to head over to Blastropodcast’s website to support Mark!

Living Barbies

Alien Megastructure

Smiling Grey

House Exorcism

Russian Disclosure



With music by Diablo Swing Orchestra


BullStone 10: Gettin’ Strange with Blastropodcast October 2015