BullStone 8: Gettin' Strange with Alcohollywood, August 2015

BullStone 8: Gettin’ Strange with Alcohollywood August 2015

David and Dave welcome the boys from the Alcohollywood podcast to get strange for August! Clint and Jared from Alcohollywood, a film review/drinking game podcast, join the boys to discuss some of the stranger news from the month of August. Covered in this edition are a Chinese mystery tube, a Scottish bionic wanker, footage of […]

BullStone 6: Gettin' Strange June 2015

BullStone 6: Gettin’ Strange June 2015

The boys of Blurry Photos are gettin’ strange for June! With interesting news from around the world, including crazy tech breakthroughs and spooky stuff, June was definitely gettin’ strange. Hear about the Dawn spacecraft and what it’s seeing on the asteroid Ceres, Facebook’s creepy new algorithm, a shadow person encounter, and more! And the winner […]