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  • BullStone 10: Blastropodcast, October 2015

    BullStone 10: Blastropodcast, October 2015

    Blurry Photos welcome Mark Soloff back to BullStone for some weird news and silly conversation! Flora and Stecco are gettin’ strange with Blastropodcast’s Mark Soloff, discussing weird news from the month of October. Living dolls, dyson spheres, DARPA and disclosure are all on the table this month. How much would a person be willing to…

  • Episode 109: Robopocalypse

    Episode 109: Robopocalypse

      The boys welcome robotics expert Johnny Maltby to talk about the (impending?) Robopocalypse! The theory that robots may one day rise up to destroy humanity, the Robopocalypse is a modern end-of-days scenario, but how likely is it to happen? Johnny and the Davids discuss such details as what goes into building a robot, what…

  • Episode 86: DARPA

    Episode 86: DARPA

    Rev up your robots and arrange your acronyms as Blurry Photos delve into DARPA! With amazing advances in everything from robotics to weaponry, DARPA has been the mastermind agency behind technology for the past 50+ years. Whatever device you’re using to listen to this podcast, chances are they had a hand in developing it. Of course,…