Mothman Festival 2017

BP Bonus: Mothman Festival 2017

Mothman Festival 2017
A very pleasant point!

Join Flora on a wacky roadtrip to Point Pleasant, WV, and the 2017 Mothman Festival! A yearly event in the small West Virginian town, the Mothman Festival celebrates the location’s most infamous legend whilst paying homage to the victims of a real disaster. While the audio is not up to usual Blurry Photos standards, we hope you’ll forgive the technical difficulties and enjoy David getting weird alone in a car. Listen to stories that happened along the way, character sketches for fun, and interviews from friends of the podcast! Justin Zenger from Zeng This! podcast and Derek Hayes from Monsters Among Us make an appearance, as does Thor as he drives through the hills of Ketucky. And we couldn’t get truly weird without a phone call on the road to Stecco. Hop in the car (it definitely sounds like you’re already in one) and join Flora on a fun adventure! (Festival Website)


Cowboy Sting, Corruption, Moonlight Hall, Interloper, March of the Spoons, Niles Blues – Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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