Episode 68: Thunderbirds

Blurry Photos give you the bird in this fine, feathered episode all about Thunderbirds! While huge birds and avian tales are prevalent in many cultures throughout the world, the Thunderbird is unique to the cultures of Native America. Flora and Stecco ride the lightning to discover just why this particular creature toes the line between […]

Episode 20: Bunyip

Oh, the Bunyip’s mighty bad, and the Bunyip’s mighty bold, and they tell me that the Bunyip’s now going to be talked about on Blurry Photos! A cryptid from Australia, the Bunyip has terrified generations of folks, yet has never truly been proved to exist. It has its roots in Aboriginal mythology and has now […]

Episode 13: Fluoride

Tap into this episode of Blurry Photos, where the Davids take a close look at the controversial use of Fluoride in the world today. Touted as a natural compound that keeps bones healthy and teeth looking great, Fluoride’s true effects and purpose are shrouded in conspiracy. Sure, it could keep those pearly whites pearly, but […]