Funny, they don’t look druish.

Season 4 of Blurry Photos is here! Flora and Stecco don their robes and beards to talk about Druids in the kickoff episode. An ancient order of learned folks, Druids have a storied and harsh history, and the current fantastical perception of them does no favors. The boys discuss their past, the belief system and rituals of ancient Celts, and just what exactly a Druid is and isn’t. Sadly, due to illness the St. Patrick’s drink-a-thon had to be postponed, but fear not – it will return with the upcoming episode! Welcome to the 4th season, welcome to a new look, and strap in for the start of the greatest season this podcast has seen yet! (Celtic Beliefs, A PrimerModern Druidry)

Sponsored by The Iron Galaxy. With music by Kevin MacLeod, Aislinn, and Sea and Field.


Episode 105: Druids


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  1. […] it to a particular episode of Blurry Photos this month, in which they talked about the history of Druidism and its modern iterations. It was a good mix of fun and information. Spoilers: They love puns, so […]