The Devil: A History part 2
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David is back with the conclusion of the Devil and the history attached to him! Covering other cultures, names, looks, and breakdowns of the info, the Devil gets fleshed out and examined in great detail. We pick back up with various forms of Evil in other cultures through history. Then many of the countless names of this entity are dissected and examined, paying careful attention to the origins of each. The several iterations of looks are discussed after that. And finally the episode concludes with analysis of the research and how it has influenced cultures through the ages. What was the actual purpose of this being? How has it evolved? And what conclusions can you draw from the information? David ends with opinion based on the facts, and encourages you to take a thoughtful examination of them for yourself. It’s the finish of one of the biggest episodes in Blurry Photos history, one that hopefully teaches you something new and gives you perspective you never knew you were missing!

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Asian Drums, Beach Party, Danse Party, Dark Fog, Desert Fox, Dhaka, Lightless Dawn, Northur, Red Tears, Temple of the Manes, Tikopia, Wizardtorium – Kevin MacLeod (
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Garden of Gethsemane – Co.Ag Music
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Libera me, Pascha Nostrum, Amen, Sanctus, Sicut Ilium inter spinas – Messa di Requiem

The Tudor Consort


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