The Devil: A History
Hittin’ you with a low diablo!

Flora begins an epic deep dive into the history of the Devil with the first of a 2-part episode! Known the world over as the arch-fiend of all that is good, the Devil enjoys a sinister reputation, but is it truly deserved? Join David on a journey through history as he presents his research on this figure of malevolence. In part 1, David begins with the earliest mentions of Satan, including cultural inspirations. Both the Old and New Testaments of the Christian Bible are referenced as well as Hebrew scriptures and apocrypha not included in the Biblical canon. Ancient mythologies of Sumer, Babylon, and Persian Zoroastrianism are explored for their evil figures. And Jason from the Dragons in Genesis podcast joins to offer perspective throughout. Part 2 will explore evil in other cultures around the world, the many names of Satan and their origins, his looks, and conclusions which can be drawn from the information. It’s a comparative mythology smorgasbord on this episode of Blurry Photos!

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Halls of the Undead – Kevin MacLeod (
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Dark Lord, I Will Play my Music, My Sins will Wake the Dead, Satanic, Somehow Satan got Behind Us – Co.Ag Music
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The Abyss, Consecrated Ground by Alexander Nakarada

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