Vengeful Ghosts 2

Ep 246: Vengeful Ghosts part 2

Vengeful Ghosts 2
The prosecution rests… in peace!

Flora is back with the second part of Vengeful Ghosts! Blurry Photober keeps rolling with Vengeful Ghosts part 2 and several tales of spirits claiming revenge through law. Hear the story of Maria Marten and the Red Barn murder. Take an ear gander at a murder tale from old England. See what you think about Fisher’s Ghost from Australia and Teresita Basa from Chicago. And learn about the odd circumstances surrounding the death of Zona Shue Heaster from West Virginia. David presents these cases and their outcomes to wrap up this 2-part episode of Blurry Photos!

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Myst on the Moor, Apprehension, Arcane, Awkward Meeting, Behind, Crypto, Danse of Questionable Tuning, Dark Dance, Leaving Home, Long Note Four, Ominous, Phantasm, Waltz of the Carnies, Danse Macabre – Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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