Vengeful Ghosts
Revenge served as cold as the grave.

Kick off Blurry Photober with a 2-part episode all about vengeful ghosts! The souls of those wronged and/or murdered in life have a way of avenging their mistreatment as vengeful ghosts. Flora runs you through a short list of these types of spirits in the first of a 2-parter. Go continent hopping and learn some highlights from many different cultures. Learn some important lessons from the Churel, Ngozi, La Sayona, Chindi, and more. Keep that roving eye under control, and for goodness’ sake don’t plot divorce against your spouse. Hear these tips and lots more on this episode of Blurry Photos!

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Myst on the Moor, Asian Drums, Awkward Meeting, Birch Run, Blue Sizzle, Cambodian Odyssey, Digya, Indore, Night of the Owl, Sancho Panza gets a Latte, Temple of the Manes, Unnatural Situation, Danse Macabre – Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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  • Column: La Sayona, a legend about revenge, treason and motherhood


  • Lemures: The Roman Parasitic Larvae Spirits




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