The Dybbuk Box
Talking about it is no shame, of course. But it’s no great honor, either.

You asked for it – you got it. Blurry Photos take a look at the most frightening piece of furniture out there, The Dybbuk Box. Steeped in Jewish and eBay mysticism, this little wine cabinet looks great in your kitchen and also beats you in your sleep. Coming onto the scene from an eBay post, interest in The Dybbuk Box has exploded in recent years as the legend has grown. The cabinet is said to be possessed by an evil spirit which causes all sorts of maladies, from physical harm to busted light bulbs. The Davids examine its history and folklore, and how the box has exploded in pop culture recently. All of this and even the constant threat of electronic failure from discussing the box on this episode of the podcast!


Episode 59: The Dybbuk Box


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