The Sphinx
Riddled with history.

The double hildo is upon us, and the Davids celebrate with a massive 2-part episode on the Sphinx! Buried in equal parts sand and questions, the Sphinx is a huge ancient monument in Egypt with a history as obscure as a corn dog in a sandstorm. In part 1, the boys describe its current state and how it has fared over the millennia. A history – as best we can piece together – is discussed, including those who have dug it out of the dunes again and again. The myth of how it’s nose was lost is examined, and the various artifacts, structures, and features found around it are looked at. The big questions are saved for part 2, as are the more fantastical claims. Aliens, Atlantis, Prophecy, Astrology, and much more are, much like Horus, on the horizon. But a solid grounding in real history and archaeology are first on the menu. Get out your camels and sunscreen, the 200th is stela good time, and we ain’t lion! Cheers to helping us reach 200! (A Primer, A Description, A Greek Counterpart)[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”450″ placement=”bottom”]