Hell Holes
Hole-y Hell!

Say your prayers, hold your breath, and grab some aloe, Blurry Photos are diving into hell holes in this one! Said to be entrances to any number of unhappy afterlifes, hell holes are pits and caves in the earth where one is said to be able to reach hell itself. Flora and Stecco take a look at several mythologies of traveling to hell. They also run down a list of famous sites said to be hellish access points throughout the world. The Door to Hell, Stull, KS, and Castle Houska are just a few of the spots where hell can supposedly be reached. The boys also discuss the disturbing legend of the Siberian Well to Hell. Leave the coat at home, you’re in for a hot time tonight! (A List of Holes, Forum Hell, Pics of the Door to Hell)


Feelin Good – Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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