Scottish Cannibals

Ep 178: Scottish Cannibals

Scottish Cannibals
A whole different can of Campbell’s soup.

Season 6 begins with a bloody bang, as Blurry Photos take a look at Scottish cannibals! Scotland’s history is even bloodier than advertised with such harrowing Scottish cannibals as Sawney Bean and Christie Cleek looming over it. But how much of the infamous cannibals’ legends are true? Join David and Dave as they explore the history of people being eaten in Scotland, including stories and accounts. The boys did not quite make it through the live drinkasode stream to record a slurry photos, but it shall be done in the near future. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by taking a quick trip across the sea to Scotland and enjoy the kickoff to Season 6! (Cannibals Through the Years, Earl of Drumlanrig, Sawney Bean Summary)


Moorland” “Achilles” “Heavy Heart” by Kevin MacLeod,
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Episode 178: Scottish Cannibals