Tag: Cannibalism

  • Ep 178: Scottish Cannibals

    Ep 178: Scottish Cannibals

    Season 6 begins with a bloody bang, as Blurry Photos take a look at Scottish cannibals! Scotland’s history is even bloodier than advertised with such harrowing Scottish cannibals as Sawney Bean and Christie Cleek looming over it. But how much of the infamous cannibals’ legends are true? Join David and Dave as they explore the history…

  • Episode 135: The Wendigo

    Episode 135: The Wendigo

    Break out the silver and add a log to the fire, Blurry Photos are all about the Wendigo in this one! A cannibalistic creature of Native American folklore, the Wendigo is a terrifying reminder of what lurks in the dead of winter when all hope is lost. David and Dave go over the various descriptions…