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  • BP Bonus: Hellier 2 Roundtable

    BP Bonus: Hellier 2 Roundtable

    The roundtable is back in action as Derek and Zenger join Flora to discuss the newly-released Hellier 2 by Planet Weird. Hellier 2 picks up with more questions and mysteries as the Planet Weird crew chase down answers in an ever-growing, ever-thickening plot. David and the boys talk about expectations, realizations, and aggravations after watching…

  • Episode 106: Carl Jung

    Episode 106: Carl Jung

      The much-anticipated, probably over-rated annual drinking episode is finally here, and the boys embark on a quest to know Carl Jung in this one. A Swiss-born psychiatrist, Carl Jung was a monumental pioneer in the early days of psychological science. His theories on the mind’s workings and cultural phenomena resonate strongly today, even amidst…

  • Episode 50: Tarot

    Episode 50: Tarot

    What better way to celebrate the 50th episode of Blurry Photos than consulting one of the most well-known oracles around, the Tarot. Flora and Stecco tackle the history, mythology, and meaning of the infamous cards, and even do readings for each other (for science). Yet another piece of misunderstood and maligned mysticism, the Tarot has…