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  • Ep 255: The Invention Secrecy Act with Ben Bowlin

    Ep 255: The Invention Secrecy Act with Ben Bowlin

    Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know‘s Ben Bowlin joins Flora to discuss the Invention Secrecy Act! A U.S. Congressional Act passed in 1951, the Invention Secrecy Act gives the government authority to take patents if deemed a threat, and Ben Bowlin explains it all with David. Got a car that can run on hydrogen?…

  • Episode 141: Plum Island

    Episode 141: Plum Island

    Time to hop a ferry to conspiracy-town as David and Dave take a peek at Plum Island! A small piece of real estate on Long Island Sound, Plum Island has been home to a disease testing facility, but just what exactly are they testing there? Some people think hoof and mouth disease and other animal…

  • Episode 86: DARPA

    Episode 86: DARPA

    Rev up your robots and arrange your acronyms as Blurry Photos delve into DARPA! With amazing advances in everything from robotics to weaponry, DARPA has been the mastermind agency behind technology for the past 50+ years. Whatever device you’re using to listen to this podcast, chances are they had a hand in developing it. Of course,…