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  • Ep 200: The Sphinx part 2

    Ep 200: The Sphinx part 2

    The second half of the 200th episode is nigh and dives deep into the theories of how the Sphinx came to be. Flora and Stecco juggle some rather outlandish origin theories for how the Sphinx was built and who built it, including ties to Atlantis, aliens, and pre-history. They also examine the claim that the…

  • Ep 190: Indigo Children

    Ep 190: Indigo Children

    Time to reach out with your feelings and realize the kids ARE alright, as Dave and David discuss Indigo Children! A new age concept wherein kids born in the last 20 years are more spiritually evolved, indigo children might seem nice but should carry a ‘believer beware’ tag. The boys talk about the history of…

  • Episode 87: Edgar Cayce

    Episode 87: Edgar Cayce

    Flora and Stecco wake the prophet in this Edgar Cayce-palooza. Considered by many to be the father of the New Age movement, Edgar Cayce is perhaps the most famous American clairvoyant to date. From humble beginnings in Kentucky to heading his own center for psychic research, Cayce sought to help those that came to him…