Indigo Children

Ep 190: Indigo Children

Indigo Children
Feeling a little blue? That’s a good thing!

Time to reach out with your feelings and realize the kids ARE alright, as Dave and David discuss Indigo Children! A new age concept wherein kids born in the last 20 years are more spiritually evolved, indigo children might seem nice but should carry a ‘believer beware’ tag. The boys talk about the history of it and also the signs of potential indigos. Could you be one yourself? There are tests to determine it, and the Daves tried them. But how much is really feel-good new age stuff and how much is causing actual danger to kids with real conditions? Get that yoga mat rolled out and center yourself, this episode might make you want to indigo vomit! (The Site About It, Science Behind It, Woof)


Digital Lemonade” “The Lift” “Laser Groove” by Kevin MacLeod,
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Episode 190: Indigo Children