Episode 36: 2013 Miss Cryptid Contest (Week 4)

Miss Cryptid 4
Mimi, Aswang, Hiisi, Lizardman of Scape Ore Swamp

The final week of the 2013 Miss Cryptid Contest draws to a close with the last 4 selections paraded before you, awaiting your harsh but fair judgement. This episode, the boys of Blurry Photos take a look at the Australian Mimi Spirit, the Aswang of the Philippines, the Hiisi of Finland, and South Carolina’s Lizardman of Scape Ore Swamp. The winner of Week 3 is also announced, leaving just one of these “beautiful” ladies  left to complete the Final 4. The choice is yours – visit our Home page on BlurryPhotos.org to cast your vote for your favorite, and, if you fancy, enter to win our sweepstakes for a prize pack of your very own!


Episode 36: 2013 Miss Cryptid Week 4