Episode 35: 2013 Miss Cryptid Contest (Week 3)

Miss Cryptid 3
Tikbalang, Tatzelwurm, Chonchon, Shunka Warak’in

With Blurry Photos’ 2013 Miss Cryptid Contest in full swing, the competition heats up with 4 more lovely contestants. In the third week of exciting exhibition, David and Dave visit the Tikbalang of the Philippines, the Tatzelwurm of the Alps, the Chilean Chonchon, and the Shunka Warak’in of Montana. The winner of week 2 is also announced in this episode of the podcast. Don’t forget to visit our Home Page and vote for your favorite from this week. You can also enter your name/email for a chance to win a sweet prize pack from Blurry Photos!


Episode 35: 2013 Miss Cryptid Week 3