Episode 138: The Salem Witch Trials

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The Salem Witch Trials
Which switch will pitch which witch?

You stand accused of wanting to learn more about the Salem witch trials! A sad chapter of American history, the Salem witch trials were a time of paranoia, hysteria, requital, and religious fervor gone awry. Flora and Stecco discuss the cultural climate leading up to this period, including witch hunts and persecution in general. How did a town in colonial Massachusetts end up killing so many men and women? What superstitions did people believe made a person a witch, and how did they enact their justice upon them? You’ll be found guilty of learning a little something in this spectral evidential episode of the podcast! (A Law School’s Perspective, Witch Trials in HistoryVisit Salem)

“Cable Ferry to the Felt Town,” “Coffee and Empathy,” “Kid Casino” by Eino Toivanen, kongano.com
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Episode 138: The Salem Witch Trials

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