Burke and Hare Murders

Ep 265: The Burke and Hare Murders

Burke and Hare Murders
Pretty burked-up.

Season 11 of Blurry Photos kicks off with the Burke and Hare murders! A wild story of 19th century body-snatching, the Burke and Hare murders may have helped advance anatomical science, but definitely regressed ethics. William Burke and William Hare, Irishmen living in Scotland, have become two of the most famous serial killers of the 19th century. When the demands of medical science became too much to keep up with naturally, the two Irishmen stepped in to lend a helping hand. Not grave robbers, or “resurrection men” as they were called at the time,  the duo skipped the whole burial part to provide anatomists with fresh bodies. It’s a macabre tale of science and economics gone awry, with a slightly tipsy storytelling element to boot on this episode of Blurry Photos!

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