Nathan Isaac, The Penny Royal Podcast

Ep 258: Nathan Isaac, The Penny Royal Podcast

Nathan Isaac, The Penny Royal Podcast
Somerset mysteries that are royally weird…

Flora is joined by Nathan Isaac, host and writer of the Penny Royal Podcast for a fascinating discussion of oddities in Pulaski Co., Kentucky. Somerset, KY resident Nathan Isaac has been researching strange phenomena in and around Pulaski Co. on the Penny Royal Podcast for years. While some places might have some weird stories, Somerset might just take the cake. Murders, conspiracy, larger than life people, geological anomalies, Fortean phenomena, and odd coincidences abound. The epicenter of the Kentucky Anomaly, Pulaski Co. has strange features to begin with, but do they cause weird behavior or are they simply another weird coincidence? Nathan’s findings were interesting, but after the Hellier crew rolled through, the findings got interesting-er. David and Nathan discuss several of the stories from the podcast, including quartz, mobsters, Pan, and so much more. Have a listen to these stories on Blurry Photos, then go check out Nathan’s show for yourself!

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