The Shroud of Turin

Ep 222: The Shroud of Turin part 2

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The Shroud of Turin
Turin apart at the seams…

The deep dive on the Shroud of Turin continues in part 2! Skeptics of the Shroud of Turin’s authenticity bring up a number of points on why it’s not actually the burial sheet of Jesus. Flora takes a look at the arguments presented against the shroud’s authenticity as well as questions that popped up along the way. Could this thing actually be 2,000 years old? Is it the holy relic many people think it is? Science on the dating, image formation, and theories on who made it are addressed. David also explains his thoughts and opinions on the shroud’s authenticity, based on his research into this topic. Listen to the other side of the debate and ponder this mystery to your heart’s content in this episode of Blurry Photos!


Rites, Danse Macabre, Long Note 4, Hiding Your Reality – Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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