Shroud of Turin

Ep 222: The Shroud of Turin part 1

Shroud of Turin
A real man of the cloth.

Flora takes a deep dive into the divisive world of the Shroud of Turin on this episode of Blurry Photos. A venerated holy object of Christianity, the Shroud of Turin is the supposed burial cloth of Jesus, and the debate on its authenticity has raged for years. David hit the books hard and came up with a lot of information to pass along. So as not to melt brains with info overload, it’s all been split in twain for you. Part 1 deals with the description, history, experimentation, and pro-authenticity claims about the shroud. The upcoming part 2 will cover the anti-authenticity claims, as well as questions and thoughts Flora had along the way. Get your sticky tape, microscopes, and bibles out – this one’s shrouded in mystery!


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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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