The Lost Dutchman Mine

Ep 210: The Lost Dutchman Mine

The Lost Dutchman Mine
What’s mine is yours. Ore not.

Dust off the burro and grab some saddlebags, we’re going gold hunting for the Lost Dutchman Mine! An old west legend of dangerous prospecting and fabulous wealth, the Lost Dutchman Mine has inspired gold hunters for decades and caused more casualties and heartaches than you can shake a pickaxe at. Join David as he takes you through the history of the legendary mine, including Native American lore, Spanish influence, and who the namesake of the mine, the Dutchman, was. Sift through the many tales of murder and deceit and see what shakes out. Could there be a gold mine in the Superstition Mountains that holds ore beyond belief? Flora asks some questions and sorts through the sinister stories to discuss the legend of the infamous mine and the hunt for it. Wear sunscreen and pack plenty of water, this one is coming at you hot!


Long Note TwoWestern Streets, Night of Chaos, Danse Macabre, Myst on the Moor – Kevin MacLeod (
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