Jiangshi, Chinese Hopping Vampires

Ep 193: Jiangshi, Chinese Hopping Vampires

Jiangshi, Chinese Hopping Vampires
All hopped up on qi!

Grab your spare coins and red thread, Blurry Photos are jumping across the Pacific to look at Jiangshi, Chinese Hopping Vampires! A monster of Chinese folklore, Jiangshi, Chinese Hopping Vampires are curious, sometimes creepy sometimes whimsical undead creatures with interesting origins. Not much like their western counterparts, these vampires prefer to suck the qi, or life force, from a victim and might fall more in the zombie bucket. Dave and David pounce on all the ways these creatures are created and how to defend yourself against them. They also discuss the origins behind the legend and tell some related stories. If you haven’t downloaded this episode yet, you better hop to it! (An Overview, Legend Origins, A Detailing)


Blue Sizzle” “Quirky Dog” “Sing Along With Jim” by┬áKevin MacLeod, incompetech.com
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Episode 193: Jiangshi, Chinese Hopping Vampires

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