BullStone 30: Zeng This!, August 2017

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BullStone 30: Zeng This!, August 2017
We Zeng the praises of weird news!

August wraps up with a visit from Justin Zenger of the Zeng This! Podcast. A show all about geekery and pop nerd culture, Zeng This! is all up on weekly news stories, and Justin shared some fun ones with the boys. This month’s edition is particularly creature-heavy, with sightings of different things from all over the world. Want a lake monster? You got it. How about a Spanish gargoyle? Done. Miniature hellspawn that feast on your legs as you swim? Reluctantly granted. Listen to these stories and more, and make sure to check out the nerdy fun at Justin’s podcast!

Lizard Man Warning

Spanish Gargoyle

British Spectral Intrusion

Kurt Russell’s UFO Sighting

Sea Fleas

Cuban Sonic Weapon

Normie Sighting


With music by Diablo Swing Orchestra


BullStone 30: Zeng This!, August 2017

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