Mandela Effect

Ep 187: Mandela Effect

Mandela Effect
This won’t effect much change in your reality.

Flora and Stecco try to remember a time they’ve heard such a suppositious theory as the Mandela Effect in this one! The thought that subtle changes many people are experiencing with their shared memories may be indicative of a shifting reality is the crux of the Mandela Effect. The theories don’t stop there, however. Quantum physics, shadowy elites, and the devil himself could be agents of change with this. Ask yourself what you remember with famous movie lines, product names, and titles, and see how it matches with reality. Could we slipping in and out of various alternate histories and multiverses? The boys run through some famous examples of the effect, some peculiar theories about it, and also some science of how this would (or wouldn’t) work. Flora has some opinions. Don’t forget to vote for Blurry Photos for Best Podcast! You only have until the 11th to vote. (One of Many Lists, Woof, A Site for it?)


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Episode 187: Mandela Effect