Killer Fog
In case you mist it…

It’s a murky topic, but David and Dave put on the low beams and wade through the thick haze to talk about killer fog! An unusual confluence of man-made and meteorological phenomenon, killer fog has a breathtaking history both in science and the paranormal. From blankets of murderous mists that have held entire cities in malefic morass, to vindictive vapors that might actually come for you in the night, these stories are no joke. The boys find tales of ghostly encounters, conspiracy, and harsh historical accounts of all kinds of fearful fog. It might make you think twice about venturing out on those hazy days! Plus, the winner of week three of the 2017 Miss Cryptid Contest is announced. And please make sure to vote for Blurry Photos as Best Podcast HERE (Ghostly Mist, A Cool List, Bermuda Triangle Encounter)


Carpe Diem” “Echoes of Time v2” “Ossuary 6 – Air” “Return of Lazarus” by Kevin MacLeod,
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Episode 186: Killer Fog