Alien Abduction Stories

Ep 183: Alien Abduction Stories

Alien Abduction Stories
Abduction, your honor! That’s Gray Hearsay.

The boys beam to the mothership for alien abduction stories in this eerie episode! In a fun tale-telling show, Flora and Stecco find several alien abduction stories that are sure creepy and most likely more fiction than fact. But the episode is not about debunking; just a break from serious stuff for shiggles. With accounts of dizzying dreams, off-putting operations, and mystifying missing time, these stories will tickle your spine (and probably funny bone). Afterwards, the boys have their hearing on the living dino charges, with a special guest judge. Will justice prevail? Stick around to find out in this extra terrestrial episode of the podcast!


Dissapointment” “Blue Sizzle” “The Dread” “Hush” “One of Them” “Controlled Chaos” “Spacial Winds” “Ossuary 6” “Echos of Time” by Kevin MacLeod,
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Episode 183: Alien Abduction Stories