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  • Ep 215: Hollow Moon with Hysteria 51

    Ep 215: Hollow Moon with Hysteria 51

    Can’t get enough of that hollow stuff on earth? Why not blast off into new territory with Hollow Moon Theory? Flora welcomes Brent, John, and Joe from the Hysteria 51 podcast to discuss the hollow moon and all its empty goodness. After controlled crashes of spacecraft onto the moon’s surface, NASA observed some odd seismic…

  • Ep 183: Alien Abduction Stories

    Ep 183: Alien Abduction Stories

    The boys beam to the mothership for alien abduction stories in this eerie episode! In a fun tale-telling show, Flora and Stecco find several alien abduction stories that are sure creepy and most likely more fiction than fact. But the episode is not about debunking; just a break from serious stuff for shiggles. With accounts…

  • Episode 113b: Alien Taxonomy

    Episode 113b: Alien Taxonomy

    Flora and Stecco push onward into the wacky world of alien taxonomy in part 2! First addressing the “where are they” thought, the boys explain the Fermi Paradox and Drake Equation and then delve into actual alien taxonomy. How come, in such a vast universe, mankind has not encountered hordes of ETs? What are the…