Ghost Stories 5

Ep 165: Ghost Stories 5

Ghost Stories 5
5 for frighting

Get ready for some serious bum-puckering, Blurry Photos is back for ghost stories 5! Chock full of terrifying tales and stupid stories, the boys find some frights in more ways than one with ghost stories 5. A creepy ocean tale. A story of spooky shadows. Petrifying poems. And Bloody Mary makes more than a cameo in this year’s lineup. Enjoy the creeps, and enjoy just how terrible some stories are written. David and Dave bring Blurry Photober to a close with comedic style. Lock the doors, curl up by the fire, and have one last hurrah before the next BP holiday of Saturnailya!


Hush” “Inner Sanctum” “Killers” “Long Note Two” “Night of Chaos” “Ossuary 6 – Air” “Return of Lazarus” “This House” by Kevin MacLeod,
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Episode 165: Ghost Stories 5