Haunted Forests

Ep 162: Haunted Forests

Haunted Forests
We’d visit these spooky spots – wood you?

Blurry Photober is upon us once again, and the boys start hot with an episode about Haunted Forests! Few environments are more mysterious and menacing than forests, and the terror is cranked up even more when they’re haunted forests. David and Dave explore the many different weird woodlands around the world in this episode of creepy conifers and spooky spruces. From the suicide forest of Aokigahara Japan to Hoia Baciu in Romania, these terrifying pines will tingle your spine. Grab the boots and tie some ribbon in case you get lost, this will be one fun hike! (Pretty Epping Cool, Dolls Everywhere, Most Haunted Forest?)


Come Play With Me” “Fantastic Dim Bar” “Long Note Two” “Moorland” “Night of Chaos” “Return of Lazarus” “This House” “Unseen Horrors” “Zombie Hoodoo” by Kevin MacLeod, incompetech.com
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Episode 162: Haunted Forests